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A short, fat, green haired organism possibly the result of a female leprocon and a black male midget having unprotected sex. (This isn't rare in most cases)
Willie wont pay for the Umpa-Lumpa's DNA test to find out who da fuck his daddy is...
by Big Trigg July 30, 2006
A Manic Deppressive, Horny, Drunk, Sex Deprived Old man who cant get pussy from a decent woman over the age of 18.
Willie is also the last know Slave owner owning over 300 Leprocon/Black Midget mutts known as the Umpa-Lumpa
Willie Wonka didnt save those damn umpas from Umpa Land, He's Breeding them in The Factory basement. Don't call me a liar ive seen it!
by Big Trigg July 30, 2006
Willie Wonka's Husband
Dr.Seuss broke Willie Wonka's anal wall, then Willie Wonka broke Dr.Seuss's anal wall. The End!!
by Big Trigg July 30, 2006

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