22 definitions by Big Tom

Making a left turn in a car by being nearly past the street and doing a 90 degree turn.
Look at that gent doing that bro turn.
by Big Tom January 26, 2006
To park a vehicle by backing into a parking space
That guy is burn butting his truck.
by Big Tom August 11, 2005
When a black person rides in the back seat of a two-door car
Look at that black dude riding honky.
by Big Tom May 12, 2005
When a road curves very slightly
Okay, Mike, the road is tinted after the brown house on your right.
by Big Tom May 19, 2005
To lift something really heavy. Usually done by two or more people
Okay, guys, we need to horse this washing machine into the back of the truck. One two three lift!!!!!!
by Big Tom October 04, 2005
To strike a person, usually on the head, with both hands on either side of the head
I want to Jap slap him
by Big Tom April 30, 2005
To rip a burning and horrible smelling fart
After eating that garlic pizza, I am going to weld.
by Big Tom August 10, 2005

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