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21 definitions by Big Tom

how a cop stops at a stop sign by having his foot over the brake as he rolls through the stop sign.
That cop did a police stop.
by Big Tom April 07, 2009
To press a gas pedal all the way down and crank a flooded engine.
Okay, Bill, you ended up flooding the truck. You better floorboard it.
by Big Tom September 19, 2006
To lightly press down on a car's gas pedal so to rev up the engine slighty....from 850 rpm to maybe 1200 rpm. Not a full 12 grand red zone engine blast
Okay, Frank, the car keeps on cutting out on me, so feather the gas so that I see what is going on.
by Big Tom September 13, 2006
To start a car by turning the key for a short spurt and releasing it. Sometimes takes several attempts.
Richard Petty used to quick key his Superbird at the races.
by Big Tom November 14, 2005
When a car will not start unless you give a long and hard 5 minute non-stop crank.
Oh my, that lady's car is flooded out!!!!!!
by Big Tom August 10, 2005
How big an area a fart can be smelled in.
Mike's fart has a big coverage area. I can smell it in the entire arena.
by Big Tom October 19, 2005
Making a left turn in a car by being nearly past the street and doing a 90 degree turn.
Look at that gent doing that bro turn.
by Big Tom January 26, 2006