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A term referring to an escalator that travels in the down direction. Can be used to remove ambiguity at the shopping mall. The opposite of uscalator.
That damn lady at customer service told me that the bathrooms were upstairs, but they aren't. Now I need to find the doscalator before I shit myself again.
by Big Tilly October 06, 2006
A very hairy mongoloid. Term of unknown offense, as the Sasquatch may have different concepts of offensive.

Usually used to describe a man who looks a little downish and does (or at least should) shave his back hair.
I could have sworn that was a regular retard, but he was way to hairy to be a regular mongoloid. Its rare to see a sasquatchaloid here in the city.
by Big Tilly September 15, 2006
A contracted form of cranky and crotchety, used to describe someone who is in a really bad mood.
You must not have gotten laid in a while, you are very cranchety today.
by Big Tilly October 06, 2006
A non-scientific condition in which a person has a head that is much to small for their body. This condition is often exacerbated by the individual's insistence on shaving their head. Also known informally as pin-head syndrome and cretinism. May be accompanied by slight retardation, or just a bad attitude.
That cretin down at the restaurant has a bad case of microcranialism, but I'd still nail his sister.
by Big Tilly September 21, 2006
A non-scientific condition typified by the presence of a big (even gigantic) head. May also be accompanied by slight retardation or the presence of retard strength.
I feel so sorry for Mary, with John's advanced macrocranialism, their kids have ginormous heads. There must have been some stretching down in the vag from those big heads passing through.
by Big Tilly September 15, 2006
A single word indicating an up escalator at a shopping mall. Instead of asking "Where is the up escalator" at Macy's, just ask for the uscalator to remove any ambiguity. The opposite of doscalator.
Where is the uscalator? I have to get to the bathroom before I shit myself.
by Big Tilly October 06, 2006
Contraction of Cro-Magnon, used to describe a dim witted or stupid person with a large forehead.
Did you see that guy hitting on Sally? I thought that he was a sasquatchaloid, but with that big forehead, he must have been a cromer.
by Big Tilly April 03, 2007

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