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Ricky Davis is one of the leagues most exciting players, and one of the best dunkers as well. Mike James is one of the most underated players in the league. Randy Foye is probably the best rookie coming outta this draft. Kevin Garnett is simply one of the best players in the NBA.

Watch out for the TWolves in 06.
KG needs a ring. Time to get him one...

Watch out for the Minnesota Timberwolves in 06, cause they on the prowl...
#kg #kevin garnett #minnesota timberwolves #t-wolves #t'wolves #twolves
by Big Ticket September 15, 2006
Hes leading the league in rebounds for the third year inna row.

Nuff said.
Question: How you gon' stop a man that leads his team in points rebounds AND assists???

Answer: You dont. You just watch Kevin Garnett do what he do.
#kg #kevin garnett #big ticket #minnesota timberwolves #garnett #da kid
by Big Ticket September 15, 2006
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