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two jackasses who are funny as shit becuase their dumb and gay...real life dumb and dumbers
Stev-o and chris are wild boyz.
by big t November 25, 2004
A dog in Guatemala.
Or a greedy person.
I´ll kill the chucho who shitted on my car.

Don´t be chucho, gime me some food.
by Big T January 08, 2004
aka a Folk-Brothers Of the Struggle.

or BOSS "Brothers Of the Strong Struggle"
when I step up on one of my FOLKS I say whats up BOSS?
by Big T April 02, 2005
to have breath bad as a smelly cunt. cunt
Christ Stu ! You cuntbreath ! Some brandy last nite or what ??
by Big T November 11, 2003
Another word for your anus.
I just let one rip out of the old poop portal!
by Big T November 07, 2004
The act of shitting your pants to avoid being raped.
That mother-fucker thought he was gonna rape me until I Tugg McGraw He threw up then took off running. Thanks for the greatest idea ever
by Big t June 03, 2012
Exhibiting a lack of wisdom or good sense; foolish.
Nikki is very xilly.
by Big T February 27, 2005
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