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A kick ass rap group that came from the EAST COAST. possibly the strongest group of MCs ever put together.

often criticized by people who don't understand that not everyone likes the same type of music as them.
person 1: "Wu-tang kicks ass."
person 2: "wow, you're such a loser."
person 1: "why would that make me a loser?"
person 2: "because I don't like Wu-tang."
person 1: "don't make me shoot you."
by Big Sexy October 08, 2005
Mr. Johnson entered through the "back door" of "her house;" you know; butt fucking
Yo mama gave me some back door action!
by Big Sexy June 13, 2003
Laugh-In (1968-1973) is a comedy-variety show that was extremely popular in the late sixties and early seventies. It was on NBC, and it was filmed in beautiful downtown Burbank. The hosts were Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, the announcer was Gary Owens, and among the regulars were Goldie Hawn, Ruth Buzzi, Alan Sues, Arte Johnson, and Lily Tomlin. The show was predominantly anti-Vietnam War, and it included a bunch of sexual gags and drug-related jokes. Some famous phrases came, such as "You bet your sweet bippy," "Here comes the Judge," and "Sock it to me." There were women with jokes painted on their bodies, men wearing raincoats and riding on trikes, a German soldier, and a bunch of celebrity guests.
Hardcore Bubbles (from the Powerpuff Girls): Laugh-In so whooped Monty Python's ass!

A-Bomb: Monty Python whooped Laugh-In's ass!
by Big Sexy April 07, 2004
a loser who often goes by the name "sabu"

we are not sure, but he is most likely named sean
munkydude: yosoysean, you suck at simsports
yosoysean: yeah, you are right, I quit because you are always right
by Big Sexy September 22, 2004
a cool dude who plays a cool basketball game at simulatedsports.com

he is single if there are any people wondering
slug: munkydude sucks
large masses: STFU n00b!!!!1 you know nothing of munkydude's coolness because you are from ohio!
by Big Sexy September 10, 2004
Good ; Awesome ; Sweet ; Shibby
Damn Big Sexy that was fucking Pro!
by Big Sexy April 02, 2004

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