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A wipe of the rectum that, when examined, contains both feces and various quantities of un/partially digested corn.
I forgot what I had with my steak last night, but my "corn wipe" was quick to remind me.


"Thats clear as "corn wipe".
by Big Ry2 May 31, 2005
A large conglomeration of entangled mess, that often cloggs the drain of your shower.
Cloggen ussually consists of pubic hair, snot, bodily juices, and more pubic hair.
I stood in ankle deep water in the shower because of my cloggen.

Friend: "How was lunch?"
You: "Great, but I found some cloggen in my soup."
by Big Ry2 May 31, 2005
The classification of a fart after which it has encountered a mouth at point blank distance, the mouth closes and swallows the anal gasses.
" I woke up after the party with bad breath and a polaroid, and I knew I had expeirienced a mouth fart."

"Let your mouth fart be your guide."
by Big Ry2 August 10, 2005
The ending result of 3 or more friends taking a crap on top of the previous friends crap in a public restroom, which produces a substantial mound of friendly and pipe clogging crap. The crap heap is then left for whomever discovers it.
We hated that girl so much that we broke into her house and made a Stacker.
by Big Ry2 May 31, 2005

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