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Piss, urine, pee-pee, tinkle, etc.,
"Man Lou, you sure do smell like Cock water!" exclaimed Seamus. "Yeah, I was out pillaging with the boys and we all pissed on each other... It's a part of our pirate-esque ritual." replied Gay Lou the Pirate.
by Big Rex 3000 October 08, 2003
A runoff of the popular 16-bit Sega video game system from the early 90's.
A few years back, a neighborhood kid with a hole in his fucking neck bragged about his video game systems. He had "Sega Brenesis, Super Grintendo, Sony Praystashum." Fucking dirty neck hole.
by Big Rex 3000 October 05, 2003
Basically a Pillowcase into a strawberry shortcake.
I really gave Lucinda an Ace Combo last night.
by Big Rex 3000 October 06, 2003
When one fingers his/her asshole, then runs out without cleaning their hands. Usually occurs during sporting events or when the victim is late for a meeting.
"Hey Bill, Marsha has some deuce digits!" Complained Roy. "Yeah, she likes to finger her asshole when she's stuck in traffic." Replied Bill.
by Big Rex 3000 October 05, 2003
Really cool. Contributing much to society and the happiness of a community. Great.
It's diesel when I get my paycheck and a triple-double.
by Big Rex 3000 September 24, 2003
The asshole. Also, cock crisper.
When she's done eating the cock, he puts it in her 'cock pantry'.
by Big Rex 3000 October 05, 2003
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