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7 definitions by Big Pun

person who lacks hygene standards, often overweight
that fat-devil is a fucking slob, he hasn't showered in four days
by big pun March 11, 2003
adjective describing one who is a mess; see slob
that one heavy kid is simply slovenly
by big pun March 11, 2003
When a ham is under the influence of marijuana
look at that smoked ham, he looks like a fat-devil
by big pun March 11, 2003
A ham that is rediculiously perverted and slovenly
Sleazed Ham: "When I was fucking her she got the pink glove so I had to use your lotion on her"

by big pun March 11, 2003
When you get a girl in the ass and then eat her out and she smells bad like the spillway in Celina, Oh
I walk in on my friend giving his girlfriend a spillway special
by Big Pun February 23, 2005
When a girl acts way too much like a butch/aggressive/way too into sports.
Dag did you see that girl kick crazy larry in the face?? That bitch is straight up donkey!!
by Big Pun October 13, 2004
Heavy-set person who shows no concern for hygene; see slovenly;lazy
ham is a fat-devil
by big pun March 11, 2003