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1) Something a man masterbates with.
2) An inapropriate word for an a man/woman you disslike
3) A thing a Pussy slides on
4) A sex object
5) An object used to rape niggers in prison
1) I stroke my Dick tell I cum
2) You Fucking Dick-Head
3) Hey Bitch, come slide on my Dick
4) Im'a Fuck his Dick
5) Pull your pants down you nigger your about to get a dick in your ass, and don't fight it
by Big Platuim Balls November 27, 2009
A Nigger, thats a gangster with alot of bitches, he gets his drugs from tons of other niggers, all other niggers won't to be like him. He gets all his money from his hos and gives the money to other niggers for drugs. Also he has a pimp-mo-bill. 100% True.
Bitch wheres my money, so I can go get in my pimp-mo-bill and go gets some drugs from my niggers. Hurry up bitch my hos are waiting. Pimp Daddy out. Bitch Please. Get that money.
by Big Platuim Balls November 27, 2009

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