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7 definitions by Big Phil

Performs a similar task to beer goggles. Has the uncanny ability to make unattractive people magically attractive. Nb effects can often be short lived.
Man, the girl I went home with looked so hot last nite, but I saw her again this morning without the larger visor and it was not a pretty sight.
by Big Phil September 16, 2004
1. Infinitive statement used to indicate that everyone should point and laugh; usually accompanied by finger pointing, first, by the speaker in the desired direction and, second, by all others who, in hearing this phrase, choose to participate.
1. "J.T. just pissed on that guy! Bojevus!"

2. "Did you just say you would some day like to probe Uranus! Bojevus!"
by Big Phil January 20, 2004
Bellus- Portugeuse for nice
Umm Bellus Rodders

Translates as Umm Nice Wheels
by Big Phil July 20, 2004
A very attractive young lady who would definately get it.

Walsall rules!
Q. What'd do reckon of that Keira Knightly?

A.Oh man, she'd get it no doubts. No Stellas required!
by Big Phil July 20, 2004
1. Pullin' Da Pud
2. Man to hand relationship
"I'm just hangin out. PDP.
by Big Phil January 21, 2004
1. Balee Dat Playa
2. (in english) Believe that player.
"I'm get in them panties. BDP."
by Big Phil January 21, 2004
Purgatory where people who couldn't pay for a better school go until they get into a real graduate/medical/law school.
Yeh, I'm going to Rutgers to save money before I get into Harvard Medical School.
by Big Phil January 11, 2004