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A Standard polo shirt that is doused with axe body spray, has it's collar turned up and is worn by a bro

Also see bro Rape
Yo dude thats a Nice Brolo Shirt...Where'd you get it?
by Big Petey February 26, 2007
When you stick your balls into a girls vagina, warming them up to a comfy temperature.
"dude did you hook up with that chick last night?"
"No, but she let me roast my marshmellows...it was kind of cool"

"I caught crabs from Roasting marshmellows with that Hooker"
by Big Petey May 10, 2009
pronounced (fuh-ke-yeh)
So drunk that you can't even talk right.

Steve: Dude I'm soo fuckin drunk right now...Bill how you feelin man?

Bill: pfkenagh
by Big Petey March 14, 2008

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