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The act of following strangers in a crowded parking lot in hopes to get their parking spot.
The mall parking lot was crazy Christmas Eve, I drove around an hour and couldn't get a spot so I went Parking Lot Stalker and followed this old couple all the way from the door about five feet behind them and took their spot. It was contagious, on my way in I saw three other cars doing it.
by Big Pappa Smurfz March 01, 2009
A term of endearment for a girlfriend or female lover. Used in place for Boo, Shorty and other such terms for your female sex kitten Can also be another name for a regular booty call.
Hey man, what’s up! Laura is now my bootycakes. Man she rocked my world. Bootycakes is easier that calling her my bitch, for some reason she doesn’t like that.
by Big Pappa Smurfz March 01, 2009
The act of going away for the weekend to a local hotel/motel.
Laura was on me that we don't go out enough so we went downtown for a datecation last weekend. Hotel sex is always better.
by Big Pappa Smurfz March 05, 2009
Term meaning to have sex in the mall. This can be used for any public store where enough privacy is available and enough balls to pull it off. To Mall Fuck.
Dude, I am so glad I didn't dump her. She drug me to the mall yesterday but halfway through she mallck'd me. Damn she's good!
by Big Pappa Smurfz March 05, 2009

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