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n. Usually one night of the week in which a food serving establishment serves chicken wings at a reduced price, thus drawing in and allowing a large crowd solely intent on eating large quantitiies of these wings to do so without breaking the bank. Buffalo sauce, ranch, and bleu cheese are among the most popular dips served at wing nights. People gather for the same reason on wing night, making it an enjoyable atmosphere, popular with highschool and college students.
"Don't forget wing night on tuesday at 7:00, so don't make any other plans!"

"Hey man, you going to wing night tonight?
by Big O SM SG March 18, 2006
n. The hair that grows no farther than two inches from the anus and surrounds the butthole.

"Hey bro, did you see that chick that just walked by? Her beetleweed was pokin out the bottom of her booty shorts!"

"My Grandma is knitting me a beetleweed scarf this winter."

"I need to shave my butt. I tried poopin today, but alot of it just got hung up in my beetleweed."

"Dude, didn't the ancient Chinese perform torture by plucking dissenters' beetleweed, one hair at a time?"

"Ohhh no. You hear that? My beetleweed is so long, it makes a swooshing noise when I walk."
by Big O SM SG March 16, 2006

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