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The greatest fuckin rap group that has ever lived and will ever live.
Did u hear about Bone Thugs breaking the faggot ass beatles record for 32 weeks at number one on the billboard top 100.
by Big Nate July 11, 2003
Someone who talks hard on their lyrics, but doesn't do anything they rap about.
by Big Nate August 06, 2003
A quarter kilo of cocaine.
250 grams
I'm down to my last 250.
by Big nate May 26, 2013
A person that sticks to the experienced guy in a demo derby and only hits another car when it only benefits him.
"Ahh. He's not doing anything. Freekin' pallywacker!"
by Big Nate May 19, 2004
three people engaged in sex acts at the same time; two of the three are of the same gender
Big Nate had a threesome with yo mama and yo sister!
by Big Nate June 12, 2003

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