1 definition by Big Money NiMo

Proper Noun.
1. One of several popular nicknames given to the most thrilling basketball player in the NBA, Gilbert Arenas. A two time all-star renowned for his ability to score as time in quarters, halves, and especially games expire, Agent Zero currently stars at guard for the Washington Wizards. Agent Zero sports the jersey number 0 because he was told as a high school player that he would spend exactly zero minutes on the court as a college player.

2. A man with phenomenal swag.

3. Hibachi, The Black President, The East Coast Assasin, Quality Shot
Ex. 1. Does Agent Zero have a conscience?

Ex. 2. I hear Agent Zero is writing a children's book aimed at reinforcing good childhood behavior titled "Dropping Things on People is Bad, Unless You're Dropping 60 on Kobe."
by Big Money NiMo February 20, 2007

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