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10 definitions by Big Man

When you aim your ass up in the air & shoot diarreah onto someones face
My friend passed out on the couch so I gave him a dirty rainbow
by Big Man February 19, 2004
someone who is about as useful as a chicken giblet only then dipped in spunk
ken livingston
by Big man March 13, 2003
When you really want to fuck a girls tits.
Did you see that girl back there? Ah, man she was looking scrotitilyumptious.
by Big Man February 15, 2005
A very large head of a penis
All the ladies cry when I pull out the power cap.
by Big Man December 23, 2004
nice german car
jamal you fucking thief, guy like you can't afford a car like that get back to the paki getto
by Big man March 13, 2003
A penis in which the circumference (measurement around) is longer than its length from base to tip
man, that guy has a chode like a tuna can
by Big Man February 22, 2004
Anger Management Kid
Man..Amk is being a bitch today!

I packaged amk today
by Big man March 26, 2005