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The state of receiving unearned social status, notoriety, workplace and academic merit, attention from prospective dating partners, media attention, and other perks from being perceived as 'thin.' Can also encompass greater access to healthcare, likelihood of attaining gainful employ, association with positive traits like being a good parent, person, or lover, accommodation in public and private transportation, and the ability to immigrate to New Zealand (check: there's a BMI limit) -- by virtue of being 'thin.'
#1: Thin privilege is not spending your entire life having people take one look at the size of your body and telling you that you can’t.

#2: Thin privilege is seeing a new doctor for non-weight-related issues, and not having to prepare, in advance, a long list of arguments and facts to present if your weight turns out to be the only thing they are willing to discuss.

#3: Thin privilege is not having your body type publicly humiliated in television shows like The Biggest Loser.
by Big Liberty October 10, 2012

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