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1 definition by Big Kev 77

A chap of individuality to be admired. Doesn't give a big curly rat's arse whether his shirt is politically correct if it is effective. Has identified the value of Big W check shirts. Is more likely to have a shed full of supercheap and old holden workshop manuals than a wardrobe full of Julien Marnot's silk ties and Armani shoes. If stranded on a lonely road is more likely to fix a breakdown with barbed wire and a fresh split sapling than simper about 3G coverage. Not often seen in the company of pencilneck peckerheads.
Big Kev. Has a holden ute and one for spares. Has a wardrobe full of bogan shirts. Used to drink VB until he found out coopers home brew ginger beer is cheaper.

Pete... a semi bogan. Admires the durability of a check shirt, but reluctant to be considered unfashionable.
by Big Kev 77 March 16, 2011
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