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Tight line, Tight lines (plural). Similar in use to badass, or so cool that lines almost snapped, hence really tight lines. Also similar in use to fish-on which is used when there is a fish on you fishing line while fishing. Tight Lines is also an uncopyrighted production company.
1. Refers to something extremely awesome.
2. Refers to a fish on your fishing line while fishing.
3. Refers to an uncopyrighted production company.
1. While talking about his time at the party Luke mentioned that the party almost snapped the line, meaning that the lines where so tight that they almost snapped.

2. While telling his fishing story, Luke mentioned that he hooked such a huge snook that it almost snapped his line, because it the line was so tight.

3. Tight Lines an uncopyrighted production company.
by Big Jordan May 16, 2007

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