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Short version of soggy white bread. When a woman has a loose shaved pussy
She has some soggy white
Look at that soggy white
by Big Johnson April 09, 2005
to french kiss a vagina
bobby performed a cunningsgale last night with expertice
by big johnson February 19, 2005
a term expressing admiration for an impressive penile member, a.k.a. "big johnson".
"Johnny's got a swanse like a horse..."
by big johnson August 16, 2004
guts... or gonads... your GANAS define your abilities as a man... if you have no ganas, or gonads... you are a gayfer, I.E. vince...
jeez... brewski would sure benefit from a good influx of ganas right about now, maybe he might have enough ganas then to go get jordan and make her deserve.
by Big Johnson February 19, 2005
Saulius Milevicius. Thats All You Need To Know. He Is THEE biggest scumbag of all time.
Johnson: Dude, WTF is that smell? smells like someone who hasn't taken a shower in about 4 years.
Rudy: Dude, Thats TOTES Saulius!
by Big Johnson March 31, 2005
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