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A small, dark-skinned, big lipped child. The children of niggers.
It really is a shame those stupid niggers let their niglets run rampant around the city.
by Big Joe1122 May 02, 2010
Any kind of online gaming, the act of spending your days gaming instead of getting pussy.
Gina: Hey why doesn't your boyfriend ever come to your lacrosse games?

Gabby: Oh he's to busy having electronic orgy's on his xbox.

Gina: What a shame...
by Big Joe1122 May 02, 2010
The Lost People are people who periodically go missing and don't return phone calls, text messages etc. Often times TLP's will turn up and blame the lack of communication on a non-offending party or the person trying to restore contact. A true TLP never reveals where he goes during a lost spell.
Bugs: Yo Strick where is Champ at? he hasn't answered my texts all week.

Stricker: Don't worry about him he'll turn up the day we go to the ball game. He's one of The Lost People.
by Big Joe1122 July 08, 2010

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