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A Scots term for a vagina with larger than normal outer labia. Normally found on heavier women.
Q:My god Jimmy, did you see the fanny on her.

A:Aye Tam, it looked like a split neep
by Big Jock79 December 02, 2010
A sudden burst of trapped air from the vagina. Somtimes known as a fanny fart.
Paaaarrrrrpppp! "My goodness Sophie was that your bottom that made that awfull noise?" "No Alexandria it was a Cunt Rattle"
by Big Jock79 December 15, 2010
A unsightly vagina that resembles a bag of bacon off cuts.
Normally sold on the cheep for making soup and the likes.
Hay Jimmy, how did you get on with that blond girl on saturday?

Dont ask. I got her pants off and her cunt was like a bag of bacon rejects. I will be having nightmares for years. Still fucked her though.
by Big Jock79 December 02, 2010
A penis, that produces semen when sucked Vigorously.
Q; Bob did you get your cock sucked at the weekend?

A; Sure did frank, she got to meet Albert the vomiting dummy. He spewed all over her face.
by Big Jock79 December 02, 2010
The enflamed bulbus end of a penis that resembles a German soldiers helmet.
Example 1: "I gave Sally the purple end for the first time last night, she loved it"

Example 2: "Bugger off and dont come back you little cunt or i will shove my purple end up uor arse"
by Big Jock79 December 15, 2010
To make love to a woman in a hard energetic mannor. So much so that it may loosen the fillings in her teeth.
Q: "I heard your bed springs from next door Bob. must have been some session."
A: "It sure was Bill my cock is throbbing i was knocking her fillings out."
by Big Jock79 December 15, 2010
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