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1) A loan against your property
2) Something that a homeowner might possess in his bid to own a home good and proper. Often to alleviate damage to his property incurred through it being 'owned'
Have you always had a mortgage, or did you used to like girls?
by Big Jim December 20, 2003
Similar in meaning to Gay Lord.
A lord of all that is bum.
A homosexual man.
You son of a bum lord
by Big Jim December 20, 2003
One who browses trousers.
A homosexual man.
Often a lord of the gay will be a trouser browser.
Sir, I believe you to be a trouser browser
by Big Jim December 20, 2003
To defecate
See also dog's eggs
I had a 40lb steak last night and the size of the dump i curled off this morning! Blamed it on a small apanese girl when questioned.
by Big Jim December 20, 2003
Faeces, a dump, a poo
Laid a fresh batch of dog's eggs this morning
by Big Jim December 20, 2003
1. the time right before you fart when you're lifting weights, particularily the bench press.
It's Koo Time bitch!
by Big Jim October 11, 2004
a device for jangling often attached to a monkey
My monkey's jangle-berries are broken
by Big Jim December 19, 2003
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