32 definitions by Big J

the act of surgery on someones head with intentions of making them severely retarded. ex. HANNIBAL
the mad scientist did a labotomy on his patient. The patient just drooled and stared into space since
by BIG J January 23, 2005
1. What John Kerry fled from his fellow soldiers in.
2. What happens when you pull a John Kerry all over a girls face!
That bitch swallowed all of my Swiff boat.
by Big J September 05, 2004
Where my gay lover Harry loves to spend his time when I smooch on him because he is my hot hunny buns.
"I received my first STD at Hogwarts with Harry."
by Big J December 17, 2004
The DA (district attorney or deputy district attorney).
As in 50 cent's "In Da Hood":
Now the D's, they harass me in the 'hood
by Big J March 09, 2004
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