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Alternate spelling for the name of the 43rd President of the United States, preferred in all usages worldwide by everyone remotely familiar with the man and poised to surplant the archaic contemporary spelling in future histories. Origin unknown, though widely believed to have been coined by his mother for its obvious descriptive accuracy.

Also: derogatory slang nickname used to imply that the subject has similarly inferior qualities to the namesake.
His "Mission Accomplished" speech, where he claimed premature victory in the earliest days of his war on Iraq, marked a defining moment in the presidency of George W. Buttwipe.

Yo, I seen your little brother sticking crayons up his ass like he be George W. Buttwipe — no, don't taze me, bro! Ow! Ouch! I'm sorry, yo, I ain't mean it! Ow! Stop dammit I said I'm sorry! OWWWW!
by Big Gus Dickus May 21, 2008
(adj.) So engaged in the act(s) of physical romance as to preclude acknowledging other interests or stimuli.
She still ain't trying to hear her phone, hoochie must be caked up with D'Alfonso again.
by Big Gus Dickus May 21, 2008
(preposition) Because of, due to, as a result of — especially when describing the negative consequences of a misstep.

This usage marks a sharp linguistic divergence along ethnic lines: integral to ebonics and related dialects, unrecognized in any white vernacular.
The judge give Nyquilla 30 days behind that foolishness with her babydaddy.
by Big Gus Dickus May 22, 2008
(verb construct) Indulging enthusiastically in one's favorite acts of sexual congress, esp. those activities most likely to appall mainstream society which one secretly enjoys best of all; wanton sexual gratification.

Standard usage limits definition to interactions with at least one other partner — but in hardship cases, this requirement may be waived to encompass solo practitioners so fugly they only get they freak on by theyselves.
I ain't sleep for shit last night, damn loud-ass skanky roommate up in there gettin' (her) freak on.

Long as you don't mind me getting (my) freak on before I bring her home, I be happy to take yo sister to the dance.

One often loses all track of time while getting one's freak on.
by Big Gus Dickus May 23, 2008
A penis that has been deliberately coaxed to a state of partial erection so its owner will appear better endowed than if it were completely flaccid (yet not like some sort of pervert, as he would were it completely erect)
Nyquilla busted in on me dropping a deuce and saw my johnson before I even had time to work up a show boner.
by Big Gus Dickus July 10, 2008
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