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(n) Muslim or person of middle eastern descent.
"M'f'in' dune coon cabbies never pick a brother up!"
by Big G lizard September 10, 2007
(desc. adj)
A good looking woman that is armed.
A woman with large breasts that is carrying a gun.
Occasionally refers to a female undercover policewoman.
"Yea she fine, stacked and packing, mess wif that
and she gonna pop a cap in yo sorry a**"
by Big G lizard September 10, 2007
Money, usually descibes a payment for sevices or cost
for goods.
We gonna be makin' sweet cake on dat gig.
(the job pays well)

We still gettin that stale ol cake fo' dis gig?
They gots to cut a fatter slice!
(We have performed this task many times for a low wage and we need a raise)
by Big G lizard September 10, 2007

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