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A beverage - preferably a clear soda such as Sprite - mixed with a red cough syrup containing codeine. It is the drink of choice for many Southern rappers including Lil Wayne and Young Buck.
"What's that pink shit your drinkin dude?"

"Oh, that's just my Pink Drink. I am so fucked up right now."

"I can tell dude. You're drooling on yourself a lil bit. Let me get a swig of that shit."
by Big Freeze UF April 18, 2008
When a guy cums too quick.
"Oh shit babe, oh shit. OOOOOOHHHHH fuck, I'm cumming! Uuuuugh"

"But you didn't even stick it in yet."

"What? Ooops."
by Big Freeze UF April 18, 2008
Spanish for, "George Bush"
El Presidente Jorge Bush es muy antipatico
by Big Freeze UF April 19, 2008
a racist slur used to describe Hispanics. Also spelled, "chile chomper."
"Hola, ?Como esta usted?"

"What did you just say to me chili chomper? This is America, so you need to learn to speak American there Pedro."

"!Chupa me pinga gringo!"
by Big Freeze UF April 18, 2008
The big, red-headed white dude who plays for the San Antonio Spurs. He is a local legend at the University of Florida.
"Who is that pale guy with red hair shooting all those bricks?"

"Oh, I think that's Matt Bonner."

by Big Freeze UF April 18, 2008

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