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A fart that smells so unbelievably bad that the paint starts to bubble off the walls.
Dude, did someone slaughter a calf in here or is that one of your paint peelers?
by Big Dundooley May 11, 2005
A big greasy shit. The type of turd that when you are finished you realize that a shower would be more appropriate than toilet paper. The type of shit you get if you eat too much Mc Donalds.
The swamp ass probably wouldn't be as bad if I hadn't taken a big greasy slider after lunch.
by Big Dundooley May 11, 2005
A turd of considerable size. Usually a highfiber one that due to its girth seems to scrape out your poop tube one the way out.
Ah, man I took such a tube scraper I could actually see the toilet sweat.
by Big Dundooley May 11, 2005

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