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1 Describes the state of a rather large woman's knee's 2 A reference for a BIG woman
Buddy 1: Dude what happened last night?

Buddy 2: You hooked up with pillow knees...
by Big Dub April 28, 2006
To screw someone over by promising to perform a service, repeatedly avoiding subsequent contact, smelling bad, being fat and then getting mad when you try to rectify the situation.

In reference to a small town south of Minneapolis.

Pronounced (Fair-eh-booh) or (Fair-eh-bolt) or (Fuck-tard)
I traded services with a guy and he Faribault'd me.
by Big Dub March 13, 2007
A term used to describe a state of being fucked up
"Man that last hit straight knocked the beenie off..."

"I knocked the beenie off that ass last night..."
by Big Dub April 28, 2006
The act of "rooming" together. Aka, two grown people sharing a small bed in a hotel room under the guise of saving money....but in reality, they are just looking to have drunken sex.
Dude, I had sweet sweet roomation with this chick I work with. Got laid and saved the company money doing it.
by Big Dub April 17, 2006

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