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4 definitions by Big Dub

1 Describes the state of a rather large woman's knee's 2 A reference for a BIG woman
Buddy 1: Dude what happened last night?

Buddy 2: You hooked up with pillow knees...
by Big Dub April 28, 2006
12 7
To screw someone over by promising to perform a service, repeatedly avoiding subsequent contact, smelling bad, being fat and then getting mad when you try to rectify the situation.

In reference to a small town south of Minneapolis.

Pronounced (Fair-eh-booh) or (Fair-eh-bolt) or (Fuck-tard)
I traded services with a guy and he Faribault'd me.
by Big Dub March 13, 2007
24 23
A term used to describe a state of being fucked up
"Man that last hit straight knocked the beenie off..."

"I knocked the beenie off that ass last night..."
by Big Dub April 28, 2006
5 6
The act of "rooming" together. Aka, two grown people sharing a small bed in a hotel room under the guise of saving money....but in reality, they are just looking to have drunken sex.
Dude, I had sweet sweet roomation with this chick I work with. Got laid and saved the company money doing it.
by Big Dub April 17, 2006
1 2