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Getting a blow job with your pants on and your dick sticking out of your zipper hole.
Gary thought the blow job fart didn't really count since she was just giving him an eighth grade dance anyway.
by Big Droz June 23, 2009
Sex in one position from beginning to end. Usually missionary position. Important note: no foreplay or dirty talk allowed.
After a year of dating the girl he met in church, Charlie got tired of nothing but the high schooler and quit talking to her.
by Big Droz June 23, 2009
to let a fart while getting a blow job from a Japanese chick.
That sushi waitress didn't appreciate it when I gave her the Hiroshima. I hope she doesn't get pink eye.
by Big Droz June 24, 2009
to let a horrible smelling fart while taking a shower with one's significant other.
Jim's girlfriend refuses to shower ever since he gave her that Auschwitz
by Big Droz June 23, 2009
to fuck a prostitute and then not pay her.

note: it is still undetermined whether raping a prostitute is covered.
Man, that whore was nasty as hell, when I was done I decided it was time for some shoplifting.
by Big Droz June 24, 2009
To fuck a black chick (usually a waitress or fast food worker) the same night she serves you dinner.
When she was handing me those chicken McNuggets I knew I had to Massah that!
by Big Droz June 24, 2009
After ejaculating inside of an old, white haired woman, pull out and piss all over her, stating, "Now that's golden, girl."

Can also be referred to as and Estelle Getty. But, under no circumstances, as the Bea Arhur.
Earl finished off his night of grannying by giving the old bitch a Betty White.
by Big Droz June 23, 2009
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