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One who lacks manners and common courtesy. Usually somone who drinks heavily and uses profane language. In certain cases this person could be a wife beater or child abuser. Commonly nick-named "Retro." Prefers Busch Beer and bowling to spending time with family members.
Damnit Derek's dad is SUCH an Alabama Man!

He's quick he's strong he's active, ALABAMA MAN

Look out for that alabama man, he's trashed riding a scooter down the side walk
by Big Doggy Jizzle October 07, 2005
Short shorts worn so high that the testicles or "nuts" are actually exposed. Made famous by NBA superstar John Stockton, who wore them every game of his career.
John Stockton was sporting his nutters quite well during the game today, although his testicles were quite mis-shapen and sickening. It truly is a good thing that Karl Malone chose to go with the nutters tonight or else all focus would have been placed squarely on the swollen nuts of John Stockton and his blatent dis-reguard for public nudity laws...and maybe even Jeff "Horny" Hornacek
by Big Doggy Jizzle December 10, 2005

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