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n. a derogatory synonymn for lesbian
She's a total clam diver, man. She loves to chow pussy.
by Big Dog March 28, 2003
sometime in the not to distant past when tele tubbies play with your mind
Used when somethin bizzarre or unbelievable happens. Fuck me in the arse with a shoe horn!, that dog just exploded!
by Big Dog July 07, 2004
the word mott has been for a while and is slang for fanny
Your walikin down the road and see a real sexy lady, you say to your mate i'd lick her mott!
by Big Dog July 07, 2004
on morcambe bay, there are a bunch of dead koreans that drowned a while back after gettin stuck pickin winkles illeagally. they looked tired, slanty eyed, and mauled.
after a heavy night on the piss dan saw dave who was looking dog rough. dan sid unto dave " fuck me, you look like a damned winkle picker!
by Big Dog July 07, 2004
got talikin to an english waiter in tenerife on holiday, wantin to know how to piss people off. he said call them a maricone as it means faggot
walkin along see a bunch off dicks and shout hey puto! maricone! and runaway laughin your cock off
by Big Dog July 07, 2004

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