3 definitions by Big Dizzle

1.male with extremely large testicles
2.a savage ass
by BIG DIZZLE March 28, 2003
When you say you will be right back, but then it takes you over an hour.
Hey guys I'll be right back...

*2 hours later*

Whoa, I'm still on here?
by Big Dizzle April 14, 2005
Ingredients: One cutting knife, One cucumber, One red Dixie cup, One Gallapagose Turtle, and One willing woman. Begin by placing the cucumber in the woman's butt and cut the cucumber which gently sliding it out of the booty and place the cucumber slices on the turtle. Proceed to have sex with the woman. When the point of climax is reached, pull out and "jizz" into the Dixie cup. For the finale, throw the semen on the turtle, pick the turtle up, and bust the woman over the face with it. Truly an all time fantasy fulfiller...
Gregory performed the Three Eyed Turtle on me last night and it was jizztastic! I hope I have bruises for the next year!
by Big Dizzle December 16, 2004

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