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An old run down house or trailer.
Man I will be glad when I can afford my own house so I can move out of this shit shack.
by Big Dick McGee August 10, 2003
An old northern italian name meaning Loud, obnoxious, boisterous douchebag.
You: Hey are you going to drive to the store and complain about the price of everything?

Me: Yeah! I'm going to PISCITELLI the hell out of the employees.
by Big Dick Mcgee May 31, 2012
The act of getting a boner.
Damn! Those big ass titties got me pan handled!
by Big Dick McGee March 04, 2005
Somebody with a really huge penis..
That nigga looks cool he's a bud Floyd
by Big dick McGee December 31, 2013
when doing your partner from behind,spit on her back,to make her think you got off on her,and when she turns around shoot it on her face!
I fooled my old lady with a no look pass.
by Big Dick McGee January 11, 2003
the act of having sex, doggie style, at the top of the stairs, and when the person on the bottom hits the big one,grab their wrist and pull them out from underneath them and ride them to the bottom of the stairs.
Bruce and Nate have bobsleding contest with the neiborhood women every Saturday night.
by Big Dick McGee January 11, 2003
An exclaimitory statement used to express frustration.
Some dickhead cuts you off in traffic. Instead of resorting to road rage, you shout at the top of your lungs..."ASS CRACK!"
by Big Dick McGee August 26, 2003
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