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A horseshoe shaped metal fitting worn in one of several configurations on the male genital package to maximize the size and hardness of the erect penis, prolong love making, and increase the volume, distance, and intensity of ejaculations.

Appeared in 2006, as a safe alternative to old-fashioned cock rings and side-effect proned boner pills.
I love how much bigger and harder my penis is in hardwear.

My penis isn't just hard its hardwear-hard.

I got rid of my old cock rings and upgraded to hardwear.
by Big Dante February 25, 2007
The primary component of the hardwear male enhancer. Specifically a U shaped metal fitting that is worn on the male genital package, chiefly around the penis and scrotum, but alternately on the penis shaft or the head, just behind the glans penis.

Worn alone the horseshoe increases the size of a man’s bulge or basket in clothing, keeping the penis in a tumescent (larger than limp, but less than hard) state.

Worn in conjunction with its companion clip for sex, a powerful constriction is formed which maximizes the size and hardness of the erect penis, prolongs love making, and increases the volume, distance, and intensity of ejaculations.

See also hardwear.
I’ve been wearing this horseshoe on my dick all day and it feels great and it makes me show bigger in my jeans.
by Big Dante March 07, 2007

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