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someone (usually male, but could be a female with a strap-on)who likes to seek pleasure in either a male or female rectum and move around while doing so.
Did you know that the Hern was such a colon patroller? Shamiqua said she thought she was undergoing exploratory surgery by him last night!
by Big Daddy Hedgehog October 11, 2008
A sleazeball loser that tries to lure women into a relationship through Facebook by convincing them he is a good guy.
OMG, that Bob turned out to be such a Facebook Fairy. He had Bonnie ready to marry him until she saw him working the drive through at McDonald's.
by Big Daddy Hedgehog October 11, 2008
correllating food with a grateful act from your female friend, wife, prostitute, or girlfriend.
Wow, I had the best Chik-Fell-a-tio last night. It's just that good!

Chik-Fell-a-tio, It's just that good!
by Big Daddy Hedgehog October 01, 2009
A black chick hooked up with a white guy. Opposite of Mud Shark.
Who is that SMART girl hooked up with John?
by Big Daddy Hedgehog October 11, 2008

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