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One who hovers around a seating area occupied by ladies. When the ladies vacate their seats, he covertly rushes in to sniff, smell, rub, molest, and many other things of this nature, the seat cushions.
The filthy cushwhiffer waited patiently for the teaparty to end so he could rush in and molest their chairs.
by Big Daddy EK October 05, 2006
Compound word for slutty-cunt-whore.
After sleeping with my hot boss, that fucking SLUNTORE fired me for "poor job performance"!
by Big Daddy EK February 16, 2008
Another slang term for clitoris. Similar to the slang term "little man in the boat".
The other night I went home with the grenade, and she was so fat I couldn't find Hoffman's Turtle even if I gave her the flour girl treatment!
by Big Daddy EK January 28, 2010

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