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The greatest game system with the greatest games ever like Final Fantasy, Mega Man 2, And Mega Man 3. To reach a higher level of nes heaven, get the top-loading system with the dogbone controller. Nirvana!!!
Jim: holy crap!!! I got a nes!
Bob: You fag! I got an X-Box! And Halo!!
Jim: Megaman, kill master chief!
Bob: No!!! I had sex with him!
Jim: Megaman kicks ass!
by Big Daddy Cane July 13, 2004
1.A Nigga that doesn't have time for these hoes

2.Pimp thats about is money

3. True religion shawty
These bitchies love Juan_Hunna
by Big daddy cane February 15, 2014
Awsome song By Halocaust. Covered by metallica in one of the best metal albums ever, Master Of Puppets
Bob:Master Of Pupets is the best Metallica Song Ever!
Jim: It's A Halocaust cover, idiot
by Big Daddy Cane March 13, 2005
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