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A Mickey Mouse shirt composed of many colors; worn only by the most prestigious of all human beings.
Thomas is sporting that J Mickey shirt again.
#shirt #korea #antique #mickey mouse #classic.
by Big Country Kellogg March 23, 2007
A sparingly used word to put emphasis on the word "both".
A higher degree of emphasis than bof, which is higher than both.
Scott: Both of us are going to the hair stylist for a haircut.

Javon: Bof of us is goin to da parlor to trim we fros.

Darquavis: Berf us gizzah mosey to da barber shop and get a fresh cut.
#gizzah #the mack #ebonics #straight #black
by Big Country Kellogg April 05, 2007
one of the livest games to come out of milton bradley's board game line since topple
me and LaCourteous was finna play payday when bof we aunts made us go to Aldi and search for the cheapest sales on Good N' Plenty
#finna #skinna #benna #bof #good n' plenty
by Big Country Kellogg September 05, 2008
The greatest quarterback of all time.
Boomquisha: Girl, you see my man Michael Vick on yo Zenith screen last night.
LaPatricia: Oooooooooooo girl, he is fiiiiiiiiiiiiine.
Boomquisha: My god, girl, get cho priorities straight. His game is fine too. He ran fo 213 yards and threw for 4 touchdowns.
LaPatricia: (daydreaming) What you say?
#football #falcons #atlanta #warrick dunn #quarterback #superbowl.
by Big Country Kellogg March 30, 2007
The greatest quarterback of all time, enough said.
Peyton Manning: Hey Tom, you see that 86 yard completion Michael Vick had on Sunday?
Tom Brady: I sure did, man he has a cannon! But put aside his utterly resilient throwing arm for a second and admire his agility.
Peyton Manning: The defense is...defenseless, Tom. No pun intended.
Tom Brady:(haha) Right you are Peyton, right you are.
#falcons #scramble #agility #elusiveness #greatness #hall of fame #superbowl #champions
by Big Country Kellogg March 23, 2007
Save Our Seats, Adam.
This is declared when it is requested that Adam save the seats at the table that you are sitting at to ensure the seats will be there upon the time you return.
Keisuke: Brad, wanna get food?
Brad: Yeah...SOSA!
Kevin: SOSA!
Nick: SODA!
Andrew: SOSA!
Thomas: SOSA might be cry!
#the dolphin's cry #seats #sosa #lunch #food #eat.
by Big Country Kellogg March 22, 2007
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