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4 definitions by Big City

this is when you go out to eat, usually with friends, and while in the car on the ride back you have to take a shit so bad you can taste it. You yell out "Code Blue!" This lets everyone in the car know that its an emergency and if they don't pull over right away your going to shit your pants.
Oh no! Ive got a Code Blue! Pull the fucking car over befor I shit it full.
by Big City February 06, 2008
39 29
this is a turd that is so large and supple that it wrapps itself around your innerds. Hence, you can feel it in your belly
"Dude, that itailian sasuage I ate last night worked up one hell of a belly turd."
by Big City February 15, 2008
12 5
a "dirty monkey" is someone who will fuck just about anybody, anywhere, at anytime, in any hole. In addition, a dirty monkey never says no to fucking no matter how nasty the partner.

"I fucked Suzie last night in the shitter at Hooters. I didn't where a condom. Im a dirty monkey!"
by Big City July 26, 2007
19 16
George W. Bush

Donald Rumsfeld
"What a couple of fucking douche bags"
by Big City February 06, 2008
10 11