11 definitions by Big Chimper

A great nickname for your twig & berries.
Slow down this fucking golf cart! My goods are bouncing all over the place!
by Big Chimper July 16, 2003
A dance sensation, similar in spirit to the Affe, that is currently sweeping the Midwest.
Do the Horsey!
by Big Chimper July 16, 2003
A person who carries the characteristics of both a Douchebag and a Toolbox.
Check it out, that Juice Box just chimped all over his Celine Dion CD collection.
by Big Chimper July 15, 2003
Marquette University Freshmen who don't know how to give head so they scrape their teeth on your dick.
I went out with a scraper last night and my schlong is raw and bleeding today.
by Big Chimper June 09, 2003
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