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Wrote, produced, and edited the CKY movie series along side with Brandon Dicamillo.
Bam also skates for Element Skateboards, and has been for quite some time, BEFORE Viva La Bam. After Viva La Bam, Bam Margera became widely popular due to MTVs vast popularity.(which is best known why CKY and HIM are so popular now)
CKY and HIM have been mainly publicised by Bam, and the Element Skateboard company. Bam Margera officially sold out in the 2nd to 3rd season of the "hit" television series Viva La Bam, by having MTV give him shit loads of money to due things thought not possible (like when he was in CKY).
His humor has grown old, and will never quite be the same again.
Year 2002
dude#1:"hey man this CKY video is fuckin' hilarious"
dude#2:"what the fuck is CKY?"

Year 2004-2005
dude#1:"hey did you see last nights episode of Viva La Bam?"

preppy MTV girl:"lyk OMGZ, was it the one where bam margera got a HELICOPTER and went to the top of that mountain in BRAZIL, lyk wHere i ttly go tANning evry yr with my rich parents who spoil me?!"
by Big C and the Kids Table June 23, 2006

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