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Southern colloquialism
def., ghost, apparition, lost soul
On his way back from Mobile my friend was killed on Bloody 98, and now he's just another restless haint.
by Big C August 15, 2003
straight all good
yeah man im stizzy on that joint
by big c April 24, 2003
an especially large joint. resembling a dried log of wolf feces
Damn!, look at the size of this wolf turd i rolled.
by Big C August 15, 2003
southern colloquialism that stems from "What about you?". def. what's going on. how are you. etc.
Hey Cletus, whaddaboutchee?!
by Big C August 15, 2003
when some guy takes baby powder, gold bond, jock itch, etc. and squirts it on his balls or grundle
i was at the gym the other day and i saw a guy sprayin himself with grundle dust.
i later went back into the locker room and found a pile of it where he once stood!
by big c March 24, 2005
a vaginal expulsion of air/ vaginal fart., primarily used in southern Mississippi, USA., syn. queef
You shoulda smelled the room after she wuzzled. What'd it smell like? The shit-house door on a shrimp boat!
by Big C August 15, 2003
krunk + indeed = krunkeed
A:Pirates, beef jerky and Maddox are all the shit.
B: Krunkeed
by Big C November 20, 2003

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