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(Raam Soss)-ed: An altered state of mind that occurs after drinking exorbitant amounts of adult beverages when geographically confined to the Salem, OR area.

-A battle-cry one uses to rally compatriots to a noble cause.

-Can also be used to define any number of lubricants providing varying levels of viscosity.
Ian was ram-sauced last night.

Matt was too busy partaking in the ram sauce to notice.

Nathan ran that saw so fast, must have used a lot of Ram Sauce!
by Big Bucket August 30, 2011
Most people who have this surname are compulsive liars and will do anything to get out of a fight.
- "some guy wanted to fight me but when I confronted him he was acting like a complete hulley"

- " wow, that guy's such a hulley"

- " he'll never fight you he's too much of a hulley"

- "that's so much bullshit he's speaking fluent hulley"

-"this guy at the gym is a total hulley, he claims
he can bench 900 kilos and he walks around like he's carrying carpets"
by big bucket August 24, 2014

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