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1) (n) Tandem bicycle (bicycle built for two) - Called a divorce maker because once a tandem bike gets moving, the passenger inevitably stops peddling, thus triggering hidden resentment over matters too trivial to mention that build up over time and lead to eventual divorce.

A metaphor for many marriages.
Look over there at how hard he is peddling and sweating on that bike and she isn't even breathing hard just sitting pretty, a tandem bike is nothing but a divorce maker if you ask me.
by Big Bro February 23, 2010
1. A fantasy world consisting of the delusions of a single Drew Brees fanatic and San Diego Chargers forum poster named Leisure and his imaginary 'stable girls,' who are female stalkees on the forum drawn into his imaginary world against their will. leisureworld is a self described 'well known internet poster,' whose mock NFL drafts top heavy with some of the biggest busts the NFL has ever seen defy all logic and reason. He calls these draft busts "Leisure Locks."

Leisureworld has been banned from his internet residences in San Diego but is rumored to be planning some vague armeggadon for the forums and mods who slighted him and his 'leisure locks'.

Currently he can be found hanging out at the New Orleans Saints fan forums, berating the evil Trumpet Man, Charger GM AJ Smith, and anyone who supports QB Philip Rivers while touting his new team the Saints while casting aside accusations of bandwagoning by repeating the statement, 'I shook the hands of Drew Brees and Reggie Bush.'

2. (third person adj.) A third person term denoting leisure, creator of leisureworld ie: "Leisureworld blames Trumpet man for driving Drew Brees out of San Diego
Leisureworld has issued a 'leisure lock' for Chris Henry. Meaning that Chris Henry has just been given a statistical kiss of death because no leisure lock has ever been signed to a second contract with the team who drafted him and most do not last through the first. Other 'leisure locks' in leisureworld include BOTH Mike Williams', WR and OT, perhaps the biggest pair of busts sharing the same name in NFL draft history.
by Big Bro July 03, 2006

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