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what it dew is like asking "what's up" or "hows it going" or "what you doing"
what it dew pimpin.

what it dew was made popular by dj screw of the S.U.C.
by Big Bodie April 11, 2006
Half of a dime piece.average
she ain't no dime piece.She's more like a nickel piece.
by Big Bodie April 11, 2006
To Pimp pens means that you are writing something.when this term is used it usually means someone is writing raps
I'm working on a album.I'm gonnaa go and start to pimpin pen
by Big Bodie April 11, 2006
Pimpology is the study of pimpin and how to pimp.You learn the in and outs of pimpin.some learn from actual pimps while other go straight to te streets and learn First hand.pimpology degree can be got in any hood or state but some states degrees aren't as effiective as others but a true pimp will adjust and figure out how to get his end.

and Texas pimpology Degree are Certifed Also
Hoe: Where You that Pimpology degree at?
Me:At The University Of Texas. Home Of The National Champs.Hook 'em Hoes
by Big Bodie April 11, 2006
A Southern dance done by most men in texas.A movement of the shoulders made popular by the dead rapper fat pat(R.I.P.)
Body Rock, Body Rock,Bounce,Bounce to this
by Big Bodie April 11, 2006
To Drive your car around
I'm Flippin' Slab Through The ATX
by Big Bodie April 11, 2006

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