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When you are dubbling up in a bed with another guy due to a lack of available beds (ie: Hockey Trouneys) and one guy decides to cuddle the other guy while sleeping. Usually this is non consensual and could be considered a light form of man rape.
Man, T-Bone was a real Snuggle Monster last night. I woke up and he had his arm around me and his tongue in my ear.
by Big Big - L February 03, 2009
Smaggwa is defined as a state of being, often attained by individuals who think they portray "Swagga" or "Swagger". However, in actuality they are correlated to "Smagma". They are often sweaty, smell rancid and for some reason are overly salty.
What was that smell? Homeslice has got some serious Smaggwa issues!

G, you can call that Swagga but that looks and smells more like Smaggwa to me.
by Big Big - L February 18, 2009

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