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noun - Disposable Music is music that is considered "hot" for a few weeks and then forgot about a year later. This music is commonly heard on the radio and is a top-seller on iTunes for a short period of time.
Chris: Hey, did you hear the new Lady Gaga song? It's an instant hit!

Bradley: No, I don't listen to disposable music, I listen to real music, which never becomes old.
#disposable #dispoasble music #disposable musik #radio music #crappy music #sing-a-long music
by Big Been April 18, 2010
noun - The quadruple stuffed oreo that is formed after ripping the tops off of two double stuffed Oreo's and combining them. A quad stuffer can also be formed from four single Oreo's, but it is not as common.
Dave: Are you guys hungry? I have some Oreo's.

Ben: Yeah, but let's make quad stuffers rather than just regular Oreo's.

Jim: Yeah, quad stuffers are better because they have more cream inside.
#oreo #quadruple stuffed #quad stuffed #four stuffed #quad stufed
by Big Been January 29, 2010
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